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Your task as a parent

For the support of parents we are unique in our approach. Our motto is: “Learning is fun” and that your child needs your help with. That does not mean you need to make together all the lessons, but that you know how to create the ideal linguistic situation in your home. And we want to help the parents of our students. The success of your child depends on learning Dutch abroad largely on his parents’ involvement.

Thanks MOO-line learning environment is easy to communicate with the teacher, so you can always ask questions. When the teacher notices that your child does not go through with the right pace the program, they will ask the parents to watch with their children, when contracts for example not be delivered on time. A positive attitude towards Dutch first, but there is more to it. As a parent you have a moment of peace, space and motivation to plan for your child so that your child can get away to work.

Maintain a healthy workplace, where it is quiet. It helps enormously to make a set time during the week where the kids look forward to. Make the quality time together is important, grab a cup of tea, make sure your child takes this time valuable and special. No matter how that is different for every child, but do together something special. This makes your child motivated, encouraged and inspired.

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What do you need?

To be able to log into our MOO (e-learning), you need a good Internet connection. You can work from a desktop computer using Windows or a Mac computer, a laptop or a tablet. Furthermore, for all year groups printer desirable for some language activities should be printed a few pages.


Al the pupils from the Dutch Education abroad have acces to all the public libraries etc. Doesn’t matter is you want to go digital or not…

Try out lesson

Is your child interested in a try out lesson or you just have a look at our materials? Please contact


how we work Prices



The costs for the 2015-2016 school year amount to 79 , – per child per month. Material costs (licenses , etc.) are once 75 , – per child per year . You can pay by ABN AMRO in the Netherlands or by PayPal. In August the summer vacation Bilingual Kids. This month there is a special holiday package . The program for your child runs throughout the year and you can plan your holidays in consultation with the teacher.

Each child follows his own learning path and pace. This allows new students can also enroll during the year at our school . It is possible on the 1st or 15th of the first month , except July and August due to the summer holidays. Note: Applying for a personal account for your child takes about a week , so give your child early on !