Inspiring and Achievable

Inspiring and achievable

Childfriendly learning environment with every two weeks a ready-to-use package with beautifull animations, software for the digiboard and attractive excercises

Language Options

Digital language methods

The newest language methods which are used at schools in Holland and approved by the Dutch schoolinspection

Personal Learning Route

Personal learning route

Every pupil is working with his individual programm of his yeargroup on his own level and in his own paste, which is giving the possibility to attend through the whole year

Continuous Learning for 2.5 to 14 Years

Continue plan

Our Dutch Language and Cuture programm (NTC) is suitable for children from 3 till 12 years old. All the yeargroups are connecting with eachother and the pupil can attend the whole primaryschool

Working from Your Home

working at home

Independently packages by working anywhere in the world . Avoid travel times , decide for yourself when your child goes to work and plan vacations themselves

Supervised by Qualified Teachers

Professional guidance

A qualified teacher is keeping a close eye on the progress of the pupil and controls where necessary , to make sure that your child remains at level

Connection Dutch Education

Key targets SLO

Our programs work towards the key objectives of the SLO, prepared by the Ministry of Education. On a possible return to the Netherlands, the inflow will be in the Dutch education smoothly

Language Home!

Language home

Home experience the Dutch language and culture with new tips every two weeks . Let your child discover his Dutch identity with the best assignments, application programs, games, books , movies, and the latest news from the Netherlands!



About Tweetalige Kids


Not all children are lucky to grow up in a multilingual family. Your child does. Give your child the key to another world and let himself explore additional language ! Bilingual Kids suits families who are active in Dutch . Our school provides for distance learning packages for students from around the world . We do this by using an online learning environment and the latest digital language materials from well-known publishers . Our method is unique : not only we guide our students , but we also offer parents a helping hand in the multilingual education of their child. We proceed from the specific domestic situation of each child and respond to them with practical tips and ( lesson) suggestions for parents . So you can put the Dutch language in a fun way to experience home with your child!

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language tips

Like Do you also think that the dutch language and culture are important in the education of your child?

Receive our Language Tips!

how we work


Lower classes

IWB lessons of BAS in your home ! The beautiful typical Dutch talk boards are the basis of our lessons. An exciting and informative program with recognizable themes from the world of your child lays a solid foundation for the Dutch language development of your child at an early age . The curriculum ensures that systematic attention is spent on all the goals for children in early literacy , so that the continuous learning to read at first in Group 3 runs smoothly. Besides the language method of BAS , we use the method Treasury Zwijsen. This interactive exercises you can practice playing children themselves . Each child will be offered interesting assignments at their own level , he continues at his own pace.

Middle classes

The majority of Dutch children read Safe Learning Reading Zwijsen . Recent scientific findings and practical experience have led to the new KIM version . The letters come one by one to live in the method. Systematic way your child learns to read faster new words and phrases. The stories and assignments fit well on the perception of your child. Besides technical reading will also focus on reading , so your child self will want to grab a book!

Higher classes

The subject matter of these new methods continued to read is fully consistent with the reference levels, language and spelling. Focusing on vocabulary , speaking and listening , writing and linguistics provides a perfect combination to properly learn the Dutch language . Appealing lessons with colorful materials and an exercise in game tailored for your child. The methods use lots of videos, interactive exercises and explanations. So your child stays motivated to continue!

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Our Team

Our team of Bilingual Kids consists of three people working together for a long time . First on the schools in Israel and now digitally from various locations around the world. We are three experienced professionals who provide your child the best giving some distance has


Founder & Teacher





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What do others say about us?

“Elizabeth and Charlotte were for us as parents a gift from heaven . Professional, driven and ambitious, but also feel people with humor and charm. Kids love these teachers and they are the point of contact for any questions that parents of bilingual children are facing. They give specific and practical advice . In short : Two teachers you want to give a ten with a pencil .”

Ilona Azar Kite , mother of Noa and Amit

“Tom (7) and Rik (6) grow up with three languages ; Japanese, English and Dutch . Not easy to make as parents that all three languages are learned well . With Bilingual Kids as agent and Miss Elizabeth as a support for all of our questions and tips , I’m 100% sure that they learn Dutch as they would do in the Netherlands. Tom and Rik find learning with Bilingual Kids fun and think the important thing is to encourage them to continue doing it . Thank you, Miss Lies .”

Miriam Leinwand Recte Rein , mother of Tom and Rik

“Our two oldest sons were born abroad and their infant period have joined the Dutch education. After two years the Netherlands we now live abroad and sit the children in local schools . With the guidance of Bilingual Kids these steps actually went very well . Because the language methods look quite modern and attractive, the children find it fun to work with.”


About NOB

About NOB

nob logo

Foundation for Dutch Education Abroad (NOB) supports Dutch education abroad , commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Worldwide more than 13,000 children follow Dutch education through a Dutch school abroad joined NOB. Mother tongue education helps worldwide to develop optimally these Dutch teens. Their cultural identity is thereby the basis . A base where they can fall back on and from which they can grow. NOB supports , connects and represents by sharing knowledge , teachers, school boards and to professionalize and ensure continuity. The holding Dutch inspectorate, as in the Netherlands , monitoring the quality of education NTC